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Best Australian Capital Territory Casinos – Casinos in ACT

Best Australian Capital Territory CasinosSearching for top Australian Capital Territory (ACT) casinos both online and offline? Then look no further. Residents in all parts of the region can find some real money action at the best casinos in ACT.  The Australian Capital Territory is the smallest territory and also the country’s capital, combining high-quality life and entertainment.

In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about gambling in the Australian Capital Territory. Start playing as soon as you sign up, make a deposit and claim your bonus!

Top Australian Capital Territory Casinos List

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Rating: 4.5/5

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99% Payout

$5500 BONUS 98% Payout - Rating: 4.5/5

$6000 BONUS

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Rating: 4.9/5

98% Payout

$6000 BONUS 98% Payout - Rating: 4.9/5

$9000 BONUS

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Rating: 4.7/5

97% Payout

$9000 BONUS 97% Payout - Rating: 4.7/5

$10,000 BONUS

98% Payout

Rating: 4/5

98% Payout

$10,000 BONUS 98% Payout - Rating: 4/5

ACT Interesting Facts

  • Casinos in ACTNickname – Bush Capital
  • Population – 431, 215 (in Sep 2020)
  • Capital – Canberra
  • ACT is Australia’s smallest self-governing territory spanning 2,358 km2
  • The capital city, Canberra, has three sister cities; Wellington in New Zealand, Beijing in China and the Japanese City of Nara.
  • Canberra is one of the only places with hot air balloons and has a dedicated festival for it.
  • ACT is also popular for wines, being home to over 30 wineries.

Casinos in Australian Capital Territory

In the Australian Capital Territory, there is only one land-based casino, and that is Casino Canberra, which offers 39 tables. Compared to other states in Australia, it has fewer entertainment options and no hotel rooms. The casino is also the sole one without a gambling machine license in Australia. Even so, slot machines and poker tables can be found in many clubs and bars around the capital.

There are many casino slots online that provide an equally entertaining experience. The great thing is that you don’t even have to leave your house.

There is also a horse racing track in Thoroughbred Park, which hosts regular races. Residents also get to enjoy lotteries and other sports betting. It is also permissible for fundraisers to host charities, provided prior approval is obtained.

Casinos in the Australian Capital Territory

Online Gambling Laws in ACT

The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 governs online gambling in the Australian Capital Territory. In 2017, amendments were made which stated that no organization operating on Australian soil could offer online gambling to Australians.

However, there is no law prohibiting offshore companies from offering gambling services to Australians. As a result, you do not need to worry about facing legal repercussions if you gamble online at these casinos.

Finding the Best Casinos in the Australian Capital Territory

Australian online gamblers might struggle to decide which destination is the best for their needs with so many options available. But, a prime gambling experience is already well known in the Australian Capital Territory, thanks to Casino Canberra.

As you look through our recommendations, you’ll see that online casinos are available in a range of sizes and styles. If you are looking for a casino site that offers the best casino games or that has a smaller wager size in mind, you can still find many of those options In addition, security, bonuses, customer service too. Scroll above to choose your favorite ACT casino!

Australian Capital Territory Casino FAQs

Can you gamble online in ACT?

Yes, you can gamble online in ACT. The only way you can do it is through offshore casinos since they operate outside Australian borders, thus, they do not infringe on the Interactive Gambling Act.

Is online gambling popular in ACT?

Yes, online gambling is very popular in ACT. In a region that has only one casino and it doesn’t offer pokies, players must look elsewhere for a diverse selection of pokies.

Are there pokies in the Australian Capital Territory?

Yes, although the one land-based casino, Casino Canberra is not licensed to offer pokies, you will find them as clubs and other venues.

How many casinos are there in ACT?

There is only one land-based casino in ACT, Casino Canberra.

Is Canberra Casino open?

Yes, Canberra Casino is open from 12 pm to 4 am.

Who owns Canberra Casino?

Canberra Casino is owned by the Aquis Group, operated by Hong Kong billionaire Tony Fung.

What is the legal gambling age in the Australian Capital Territory?

The legal gambling age in the Australian Capital Territory is 18 by federal law.

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