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Can Online Casinos Refuse to Pay Out?

Online casinos can refuse to payout, but not just because they can. When an online casino refuses to pay out, it has to be because a player has not satisfied the KYC withdrawal requirements. There are rogue unlicensed online casinos that withhold payouts, and you would do well to avoid such casino sites. Here at, we find, and review trusted real-money casinos that always payout. The secret is finding licensed legal gambling sites audited by independent, trusted regulatory bodies.

In what instances can online casinos refuse to payout?

The best real money casinos have systems to prevent fraudulent withdrawals and money-laundering.

Online casinos can refuse to payout when:

Players are in gambling syndicates that aims to circumvent house edge illegally.

  • A player uses chargebacks to unfairly get back deposits that have already been used in playing real money games.
  • When a player creates more than one casino account to abuse bonuses (casino terms and conditions clearly state only one casino account is allowed per IP address)
  • If a player only engages low-risk betting that leaves casinos in a financially vulnerable position
  • There is a failure to provide verification documents for KYC checks
  • If wagering requirements are not met
  • Should the casino become bankrupt

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What is KYC?

KYC is an acronym that means Know Your Customer. Every online casino has a KYC(Know Your Customer) check to verify that the casino account holder is requesting the withdrawal. If a player cannot verify their identity, the casino can refuse to payout.

The standard KYC requirements are an identity document or driver’s licence, contact information and proof of residence. You may be requested to send a picture of your credit card, with the CVV number covered of course, if that was your deposit method. This is all done to ensure casino is paying the right person.

How to Get Your Casino Winnings Every Time?

To guarantee, that you cashout your casino winnings every time, you must follow the online casino withdrawal policy. Avoid finding yourself in a situation where casinos are refusing to payout your winnings with these three tips

  1. Play fairly – do not play in syndicates or exclusively bet equal stakes on opposing outcomes e.g 50% of your bets on red and the other 50% on black in roulette.
  2. Use bonuses well – do not abuse the bonus systems by creating multiple accounts.
  3. Provide required documents – verify that you are whom you say you are, by providing clear identity documents and proof of residence. At times the casino may request you to send a picture of yourself holding your verification documents, to prevent fraudulent withdrawals.


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