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Can You Cheat Roulette?

Yes, one can cheat at roulette, but cheating is wrong. As it is a criminal act that is liable for prosecution by a court of law. Most roulette cheat methods are considered illegal. However, cheating in casino games has existed in history since their invention. Roulette has always been considered a hard game to beat. Yet, there are good news if you want to cheat at roulette. Although we strongly advise against it, it is possible to cheat roulette and avoid some jail time with technological means.

Is it possible to cheat roulette

How To Cheat At Roulette: Popular Cheating Methods

Roulette is one of the most famous and oldest casino games in the world of gambling. Thus, attempts to cheat at roulette are almost as old as the wheel. Here are some of the various cheating methods that exist in roulette:

Past Posting

Past posting also known as late betting, is a form of sleight-of-hand technique that consists of modifying the amount bet after the result is known. This is a difficult method to perform because roulette dealers follow very specific rules to avoid this.


Pinching is almost identical to Past Posting. The only difference is that you remove a losing bet in one quick motion after the ball stops and after the result is out.

Players’ Collusion with Dealers

To cheat the house sometimes a player and a dealer decide to come up with a plan outside the casino. The best way to do this, which seems to be very popular, is for the dealer to accept late bets by past posting for another player.

Wheel Clocking

Wheel Clocking consists of considering the launch point of the ball, the speed, and the progressions of the wheel, to modify roulette to favour certain numbers.

Magnetic balls

This is a method that is used less and less in casinos. This cheating method involves placing four magnets around the roulette wheel. The croupier can set them through hidden controls.

Why you should not cheat roulette machines

There are several reasons to avoid cheating at online roulette aside from the dishonesty of the effort. Yes, overall, you can earn rewards. However, you can also reap negative consequences. By cheating, you run the risk of having your casino account closed and you banned from the online casino in question. Moreover, as it is an illegal practice on several levels, you can end up in prison.

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