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Is Gambling Allowed on Twitch?

Twitch Gambling StreamsYes, gambling is allowed on Twitch. In fact, there are numerous channels that offer gambling-related streams where fans of slots and casino games can view them.

Gambling on Twitch started the same way as when online gambling was introduced, people chose whether they wanted to gamble online or not. But, that all changed once the government caught wind of how much money gambling and the casino industry was making online. Well, the same applies to Twitch now.

In this article, we tackle everything you need to know about gambling on Twitch. What are the rules? Are slot streamers even legit? Do they get paid by casinos? Find out as we unpack more below.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live video streaming platform that allows players to broadcast their gameplay. Other users can watch your live streams and even comment as you play. A variety of categories are available on the site including music, art, gaming, sports, ASMR, educational content, food and drink, and others.

Is Gambling on Twitch Allowed

Twitch Gambling Rules

Twitch recently implemented anti-gambling measures that restrict the promotion of gambling content in creator content.

In a creator update recently, Twitch announced that using referral codes or linking to sites that offer slots, roulette, and dice games would be prohibited as of August 17, 2021.

By taking this action, Twitch intends to prevent potential harm and scams caused by questionable gambling services sponsoring content on the platform.
As long as the streams do not violate Twitch’s terms and conditions, streamers can broadcast their gambling activities.

Twitch Gambling Stream

Example of Twitch Gambling Live Stream

Below are some of the rules that apply:

Time Limits

The Twitch gambling policy allows you to broadcast up to 30 minutes. While that’s being said, you can’t broadcast another gambling stream after the previous session ends. You can switch from gambling content to other types of content to avoid violating this rule.

Warning Message

For all gambling content, you must use a “mature audience” warning message. All your viewers will need to verify their legal gambling age. This protects Twitch, as well as the streamer from legal action if a minor is found to have lied about their age.

Streaming Background

As a streamer, you must be watchful where you stream, as acting in a casino like setting is not allowed. Deceptively promoting rogue casinos will result in your account being blocked.

Raffles also counts as gambling on Twitch, and therefore streamers shouldn’t host such unless they have an online gambling license.

Are Slot Streamers Fake?

Slot streamers are not fake, but their balances are. Hence most of them are able to make huge bets for hours and make use of Feature Buy excessively. Surely you don’t want to do that with your own cash, unless you have enough?!

Are Slot Streamers on Twitch Fake

Do Streamers Get Paid to Gamble?

Yes, the majority of streamers get paid to gamble. Despite this being a relatively new practice, streaming pokies and other casino games has become a profitable industry for both streamers and casinos alike.

Surveys have shown that online platforms receive more traffic from video content – especially live video content with an audience – than from other types of promotion.

Streamers get an average monthly income of $50 to $100 000 or more, depending on the number of subs they have. But in terms of the funds they play with, it’s fake money at most. Some Twitch streamers receive funds directly from casino sponsors.

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