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Best Omaha Poker Online Casinos Australia

Kate Smith | December 21, 2022 | Updated on: February 27th, 2024

Omaha Poker the best Poker Game

First off, what exactly is this phenomenon, Omaha Poker? Poker, in Omaha style, is closely related to the world-famous Texas Hold’em, as they both have cards held tightly to themselves and certain playing cards laid out on the table green and used by the whole group of players. The difference is that each player will have four personal cards in Omaha poker instead of 2 in Hold’em.

The ultimate aim of the game is to use exactly two of your cards alongside three of the five community cards to make the strongest five-card hand. Do not fear; by the end of this page, you will know exactly which hands are the highest ranked and all the rules of Omaha poker.

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How to Play Omaha Poker Online

After choosing the perfect online casino site, signing up, and then making a buy-in; real money online Omaha poker is straightforward. Remember, the goal of Omaha poker is to create the most dominant hand of five cards, with strictly two from your hole cards and three from the community cards.

1. Big and Small Blinds

The first act out of the gate is the Big and Small Blinds. For those unfamiliar with these terms, they are payments that rotate with all the players after each game. These are in play each game to get money into the pot, encouraging players to play their hand instead of saving their chips and waiting for a favourable deal to strike.

Players will take turns being the ‘Dealer’, clearly shown by a moving button. This is important as the player to the dealer’s left will place a bet as the honorary Small Blind. Therefore, the player left of the Small Blind is considered the Big Blind and is forced to place a bet double the amount of the Small Blind. Other players that wish to play will need to match the Big Blind.

Blinds are set by the casino and increase over time to ensure progress in Poker online Omaha; however, the amounts vary depending on the table, so don’t think you will place an abnormal portion of your bank into a game before it even begins.

Now, after placing the Blinds, the game begins. The dealer gives each player a set of four face-down cards (privately held). After all the players receive their cards and have seen them, a betting round is in order.

Omaha Poker best hand wins


2. Pre Flop & Flop Phase

This bet is known as the ‘Pre-Flop’. All the players only have their cards to make their decision based on. The Pre-Flop is only half the information and requires more cards revealed to make an informed call on their position. Resulting in a difficult and complex but thrilling opportunity where many players find the most entertaining part of the game.

Following this is the Flop. The dealer overturns three of the five communal cards. It gets its name from the action of flipping face-down cards. Now all the players have a better idea of their position in the game as one of the three cards seen must be used as one of the three collective cards for their end hand.

Players go around again with betting. They have a choice of folding, raising, or calling the going bets.

3. Turn Phase

Those that have come thus far get the chance to see the fourth or ‘Turn’ card, and now players know eight cards available. Players will have another go at betting, folding, re-raising, or checking their position.

There is often more betting activity at this stage because of the limitless options available to the players than in Texas Hold ’em. And players are often very interested at this point as there is incredible opportunity that could come from the final card reveal.

They have many combinations with their four-hole cards to create a winning hand, and they know all but one of the half cards. There is great anticipation for the last card and how it will affect each player. Therefore, it is a golden opportunity to make a large deposit to the pool of bets and stretch players thin by forcing them to fold or keep up with the betting in the hope of the best hand.

4. Community Card Selection & Showdown

Now the dealer will expose the fifth and final community card, also known as the ‘River’; for the players that have reached this point. And for the final time, players will once again raise, call or fold their bets.

The better players will now have to decide which of their two cards is best to use in conjunction with three of the face-up cards available. It is highly advised to consider what the players around the table are also potentially holding in their hands.

The remaining players now reveal their chosen strongest five-card hand against the others. The winner is the gambler with the leading hand, who receives the entire pot unless it is tied, in which case the pot is split evenly between the two players.

Omaha Poker Basics

Fold: essentially, this is giving up and throwing your cards away. Players will do this in anticipation of losing and prefer to save their chips than go the distance and lose a larger sum of money.

Call: Also known as matching, players will ‘call’ or ‘see’ their opponents’ bet by betting the same amount to proceed to the next round.

Check: This occurs when a player is asked to set the bet and is unsure of their position compared to the rest of the players, they will ‘check’ and let the other players set the bet. Checking can also be used as a manipulative move to see the confidence of other players.

Raise: This is increasing the bet amount and forcing players that want to continue to play to match your bet or potentially increase the bet more, also known as ‘Re-raising.’

Chips are the ‘poker money’ players use when playing Omaha or other poker games. Chips are bought at the start of the game for however much a player wants to buy in with.

Royal Flush Omaha Poker

Variations of Omaha Poker Online

Omaha is a type of Poker, but within it, there are several variations of Poker Omaha.

PLO Poker

PLO Poker stands for Pot-Limit Omaha Poker. In Pot Limit, there is a cap or restriction on the maximum amount players can bet in the pool. The Limit is the value of the entire pot.

Omaha Hi Lo Poker

During Hi Lo Omaha, the lasting pot that is won is split between the players with the highest and lowest hands. However, if no player has a significant ‘low’ hand, the prize will usually go to the player with the highest hand.

Some qualifiers and allowances involve the ‘low hand’ winner. The hand can not have a pair or have a card higher than an eight. In Omaha Poker, this works perfectly because players have multiple options with their four-hole cards. However, players can have a straight or flush as part of their ‘Lo’ hand and win high and low prizes.

No Limit

For ‘no limit’ Omaha poker, as the name says, there are NO LIMITs regarding the betting amounts. This means that players can wager as large as their total amount of chips; that is the only limitation.

Omaha Poker Winning Hands

During any poker game, the hand with the greatest value is the one that wins and receives the whole pot. Here is a table of a player’s strongest to weakest during Omaha poker.

Name of Hand: Description:
Royal Flush Ace, K, Q, J, 10, all in the same suit
Straight Flush Any Straight sequence in the same suit that is not the highest five cards
Four of a Kind All four card suits of one number
Full House Three of the same card and a pair of another card value.
Flush A run of five different cards with the same suit
Straight A Run of five sequential cards not in the same suit
Three of a Kind Three of the same card value
Two Pair Two pairs of cards with the same value
Pair One pair of the same card value
High Card The highest card from Ace to two


Omaha Poker Online Real Money Tips

Here is the best Omaha poker strategy for winning big:

  • Be aware of your bankroll: For success, it is best to play at a table where your chips can last for around fifty games with betting and buy-ins.
  • Take your opportunities with both hands: Most of the time, you will be dealt a bad hand; therefore, when you get the right cards, you must be aggressive in your approach for the best payout.
  • Put away the ego: Folding is not losing, losing is losing all your money in a round that you knew was not your time to succeed. Everyone folds, especially professionals. Folding ensures another chance to play; better than that; it holds your dignity. Walking out with nothing will never be a good feeling, specifically if you could have avoided it.

By following these tips for playing Omaha online poker, all players will be satisfied with their Omaha poker game at the least.

Why Play Omaha Online Poker over Brick-and-Mortar Casino

  • Bonuses are one of the best aspects of playing at an online casino. Most online poker rooms will offer a welcome bonus when playing Omaha Poker online for real money. Bonuses are an amazing feature that all gamblers love, as there is more chance to win more payouts.
  • Convenience is a key part of playing Omaha online poker, there are minimal distractions, and it can be played from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Freerolls are often given to keep players engaged and interested in playing Omaha poker. Players receive a special bonus code to play for real money free of charge, as the casino will pay for them.
  • Lastly, the banking methods in online casinos. All players’ wins are paid straight into their chosen banking account. This is much safer and more accessible than strolling the streets by the casino with a large roll of banknotes. Players can deposit through Visa, Mastercard, Cryptocurrency, and many more options.

Poker History

Poker is an old and well-respected game by players worldwide. The game’s origin is still undecided as some believe it comes from the French Poque, while many others also believe it comes from the Persian As-Nas. In the early 19th century, the American gambling room introduced Poker specifically for the sailors of gambling boats from around New Orleans and Mississippi to enjoy and play. Originally the game was played with a 20-card ranking from Ace to Ten (high to low).

Later the version of the seven-card stud, Texas Hold’Em, and Omaha Poker, was the staple to this day still. In recent days the game of Poker is wildly popular all over the world and especially online Poker in Australia. Now the different types of Poker, such as Omaha and 5-card studs, are all available for Australians from Perth to Melbourne to Sydney and more with just a simple click of a button.

Omaha Poker FAQs

Why do they call it Omaha Poker?

The name Omaha Poker comes from Nevada. The meaning behind it is that ‘Omaha’ stands for players having to use both of their hole cards in the final five hand. Therefore players will instantly know the most significant rule of this Poker type, being that they will HAVE to play both of their personal cards in addition to the other three cards that are open to everyone.

Is Omaha Poker a high low game?

Yes, as seen by the name Omaha Hi Lo Poker, when playing Omaha Poker there are winning hands for both the highest and lowest hands at the table. Therefor the total pot is split in half and awarded to the player with the highest hand and if a player’s hand is eligible, the second half is awarded to them.

What makes a low hand in Omaha Poker?

A low hand is considered to have no pairs and has a high card of no more than an eight. Keep in mind that if a player’s hand consists of either of these features in their final hand, the hand will not qualify as a ‘low hand’ and will be directed to the player with the highest hand (gathering the entire won pot)

Is Online Omaha Poker Legal in Australia?

Yes, online Omaha Poker is completely legal to play at all trusted and regulated sites in Australia. Online Omaha Poker in Australia is known to be one of the most popular places to play in the world, with a large portion of the population all playing and enjoying themselves at many different online casinos.

What are the other types of Poker you can play online besides Omaha?

There are almost too many to choose from. The other types of poker people can play include: Texas Hold ’em, Blackjack, 5-card Draw, Follow the Queen, and 7-card stud.

What are the differences between the stud, draw, and community poker variations?

In draw poker, all of the cards handed to each player remain secret until the showdown creating a lot of mystery for each player, hoping they have the strongest hand. Stud poker has some, but not all, cards dealt face-up with much anticipation for what is in each player’s hand. And – for community-card Poker, some cards are exposed and used by all players to form their best hand with their private cards

How is Omaha Poker different from Texas Hold’Em?

First of all, players in Omaha poker are dealt four cards instead of two cards in Texas Hold ’em. Second, the final five-card hand players use must consist of two of the hole cards they have and three communal cards in Omaha poker. Whereas in Hold ’em, players are free to choose both or either of their cards or essentially only their cards to create a winning combination

What is the best hand in Omaha poker?

Of course, the Royal Flush is the best hand at the start or by the river. A, K, Q, J, and ten are all in the same suit. It is more than rare but a real winner when it happens.

However, the double-suited Ace and King pairs are the most common winning hand. Landing one of these is a great chance of getting the winning hand over another player.

Is Poker more skill or luck, and what is the best skill?

The answer is simple; the game is based overall on skill but there is a hint of luck as well, hence why experienced players win more in the period of months and years they play, but also why some players can still come in and land a huge win from a strong hand.

As for the best skill to have, handling your bankroll and succeeding, in the long run, is all based on your ability to manage your finances, as your finances are the most important asset players.

What is Omaha Poker 8 or better?

The eight or better means that to qualify for the ‘low pot’, players five-card hand needs to consist of unpaired, lower than the number eight cards ONLY. That being said, the betting structure of 8 or better is identical to the classic seven-card straight stud.

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