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Video Poker Australia – Play Video Poker Online

Kate Smith | May 12, 2021 | Updated on: May 23rd, 2022

Video Poker in AustraliaVideo poker is undoubtely one of the most thrilling casino games online. This is where poker meets slots, literally. Video poker is simply a five-card draw played on an electronic machine. The goal is for players to form a winning poker hand by keeping and discarding cards from their hand.

Video poker is loved by many players online and at land-based casinos. However, online the casino game comes with more benefits including high return to player percentages, bonuses and huge payouts!

Best Video Poker Sites 2022

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98% Payout

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How Video Poker Machines Work

Video Poker Machines in AustraliaVideo poker machines were first introduced to casinos in the 70s. Players would have to travel to their local casino or pub to enjoy the games. However, technology today has made it possible for video poker machine fans to play the games at a click of a button.

Nowadays, you can play video poker machines on your PC, smartphone or tablet. What’s more video poker is available to play for free and for real money at top Australian casinos online.

Video Poker vs Slots

Many novice players like to ask if video poker machines are slots. Well, to simplify this for you, no. Video poker is simply poker played on an electronic machine (similar to the classic machines used on slots) instead of a table.

Other similarities between the two are that in video poker, the rows, reels and paylines of slot machines are substituted by playing cards which make up a poker hand.

Best Video Poker Games to Play

Video poker is an exciting casino game with a lot of options. So, you are sure to find a game that works for you. The goal of the game is usually the same, which is to form the best poker hand. Below is an assortment of video poker variations that you can try online.

Jacks or Better

Jacks of Better is the most popular of all video poker games. It follows the standard video poker hand rankings with the weakest hand being a pair of Jacks and other face cards. The game has a good return to player with a very low house edge when you play using the basic video poker strategy. Jacks or Better is a good alternative for novice players.

Video Poker Jacks or Better

Tens or Better

Tens or Better works similar to Jacks or Better in terms of rules. Except in this video poker game, you need at least a pair of 10s in order to win. To make the game fair, the house lowers the payout for a four of a kind, full house and flush.

Video Poker Tens or Better

Aces and Faces

Aces and Faces pays extra cash for any four of a kind; with four Aces, 2s through 10s as well as face cards. Hence ‘Aces and Faces’. This video poker variant is also played using the standard 52-deck of playing cards but with no Jokers.

Video Poker Aces and Faces

Deuces Wild

In Deuces Wild, the 2s work as wild cards, and they substitute for any other card in the game (a rule similar to slot games). The wild cards or Jokers make it possible for you to make strong hands quite often and as such the three of a kind is the weakest hand that is paid out.

Video Poker Deuces Wild

Joker Poker

Joker Poker, as the name suggests, uses the standard deck of 52 cards and a wild Joker. The wild substitutes for any other card in the deck. And just like in Deuces Wild players are able to create a five of a kind. The difference, however, is Deuces Wild requires you to get a three of a kind to get paid out. While this variation pays more just for a pair of kings.

Video Poker - Joker Poker

Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker is very popular at online casinos. This video poker variant takes from Jacks or Better with the only difference being the additional payout for four Aces. The payouts are reduced to 8/5 for the flush and full house.

Video Poker - Bonus Poker

How to Play Video Poker

To play video poker, you need some knowledge of the basic rules and different poker hands.  This will help you decide what cards to discard and which to keep.

Video poker is played against a computer and not real-life opponents. The gameplay may also be slightly different depending on the variation you play. Generally, this is how you play video poker online after you’ve signed up and chosen a game:

  1. Make your bet.
  2. Once the first step is done, the machine will deal 5 cards at random.
  3. Choose which cards you want to keep (go with the ones most likely to win) and which ones to discard.
  4. Click the ‘Deal’ button again. The computer will replace the cards you have discarded with an equal number of cards, therefore giving you your final hand.
  5. You win depending on what hand you got and according to the paytable for that video poker game.

Free Video Poker Games – Play Video Poker for Fun

Free online video poker games allow players to play without having to spend any penny. So, you can let go of video poker training videos and try to learn the actual game online. While you won’t become a professional video poker player overnight, free video poker games allow you to understand the game and master the strategy to potentially win life-changing sums of money.

Download Video Poker Games

Video Poker App DownloadAustralian players can download video poker games at casino sites and apps. Whether you want to play for free or video poker for real money, you can with a download app.

What’s more, when you are new, you get to claim a generous welcome bonus offer meaning that you can get started with playing video poker right away. The choice is yours to download video poker or play instantly from your web browser.

5 Best Video Poker Apps

  1. Fair Go Casino
  2. Woo Casino
  3. CasinoChan
  4. Joe Fortune
  5. CasinoNic

Video Poker Strategy Chart

Using a video poker strategy can improve your chances of winning and decrease the game odds. Players can find a video poker strategy chart for the different variations that are available online. This is essential to help you make the best possible moves, depending on the hand that you have.

The basic video poker strategy chart can be read as follows:

  • Players get a list of hands.
  • The best possible hand is shown on top of the list.
  • Your task is to scan your way down to get the hand that matches what you have.
  • When you get to your hand, you check and keep the hands that are listed on the chart.

Play video poker online at our highly recommended casinos for the best online gambling experience!

FAQs about Video Poker Online

Is video poker better than slots?

It depends on what you mean by better. If you mean higher returns, absolutely! Video poker games come with better RTP usually around 98%, while slots have an average RTP of 93%. The payouts for video poker hands are also great with a royal flush paying up to 5000x your bet, depending on the variation you play.

What’s the best video poker to play?

Deuces wild is the best video poker to play. When using the perfect strategy, the house edge doesn’t exist and the RTP can go above 100%.

Can you cheat at video poker?

Cheating video poker is quite impossible. You play against a machine and the outcome of the game is generated by a Random Number Generator (RNG) which is regularly audited.

Is Jack or Better beatable?

Of course, just like any casino game, Jack or Better is beatable. In fact, using a perfect strategy can increase the RTP to a massive 99.54%.

Is video poker a game of skill?

Yes, video poker is a game of skill and requires some decision-making. Knowing the rules of the game, how hands are ranked and using a strategy chart can help you improve on which cards to keep and which ones to discard.

Can you make a living playing video poker?

If you win enough to pay your bills then you can. However, we wouldn’t advise you to quit your job and focus on video poker since gambling is not guaranteed.

What are the odds of getting a four of a kind in video poker?

The odds of getting a four of a kind in video poker depends on the variation you play. For games such as Deuces Wild and Joker Poker, getting a four of a kind is easy as the wild cards substitute for all the other cards. But in general, the odds of getting a four of a kind on the standard deck of 52 cards are 1 in 3430.

How much does a royal flush pay in video poker?

How much a royal flush pays in video poker depends on the variation. For instance, Joker Poker pays 5000, Deuces Wild and Two Way Royal pays 4000, while Tens or Better pays 800.
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